First Name Last Name, Organization

Laura Abu Absi, Ohio Job & Family Services Directors' Association

Alexandra Adams, The Fitzgibbon Group

Diane Alecusan, Ohio Housing Finance Agency

Meredith Alexander, Ohio Department of Insurance

Sophie Anderson, CBD Advisors

Sophie Anderson, The Success Group

Carrie Arblaster, Ohio REALTORS

Mary Augsburger, Ohio Bar Association

Amy Bashforth, Ohio Department of Health

Jenna Beadle, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Inc.

Shelly Beiting, City of Columbus

Marlee Berlan, Bricker & Eckler

Brittany Boulton, Finance Fund

Darnita Bradley, Columbia Gas of Ohio

Tara Britton, Center for Community Solutions

Marilyn Brown, Franklin County Board of Commissioners

Beryl Brown Piccolantonio,

Katie Caprez, Ohio House of Representatives

Kelly Carey, Carpenter Lipps & Leland

Misty Casto, Buckeye Hills Regional Council

Bobbie Celeste, Bobbie Celeste PhD Psychologist

Monica Cerrezuela, COTA

Alex Cofield, City of Columbus

Aileen Collins, ODJFS

Melissa Cropper, Ohio Federation of Teachers

Erika Cybulskis, Delta Dental of Ohio

Sophia Davis, City of Columbus, Department of Recreation & Parks

Aly DeAngelo,

Suzanne Dulaney, County Commissioners Association of Ohio

Corinna Efkeman, Ohio Attorney General 

Tristyn Eppley, Montgomery County ADAMHS Board

Helen Fite, The Matriots PAC

Michelle Fitzgibbon, The Fitzgibbon Group

Jennifer Flatter, Impact Ohio/The Success Group' Fosnaught, Ohio Attorney General

Sheila Fox, Ohio Lobbying Association

Lucille Frank, City of Columbus

Tracy Freeman, The Nature Conservancy in Ohio

Elise Geig, Treasurer of State

Stephanie Gilligan, Ohio Hospital Assocation

Mandi Grandjean, Ohio Secretary of State

Lauren Gresh, Bricker & Eckler

Lisa Griffin, Ohio Department of Health

Lynanne Gutierrez, Groundwork Ohio

Deborah Hackathorn, Civic Point

Andrea Harless, G2G Consulting

Kristen Henry, Advocacy and Protective Services, Inc. (APSI)

Terese Herhold, Ohio Senate

Charlotte Hickcox, Magog Consulting

Melissa Hoeffel, Roetzel & Andress

Julia Hohner, Groundwork Ohio

Christine Houk, Christine Houk CPA

Sarah Huffman, Ohio BWC

Alex Ingley, United Way of Central Ohio

Shadia Jallaq, John Glenn College of Public Affairs

Valerie Jama, Ohio Attorney General's Office

Judge Terri Jamison, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

Alexandria Jones, Franklin County Public Health

Belinda Jones, Capitol Consulting

Chelsey Judge, Sanofi-Genzyme

Evelyn Kennedy, Byers, Minton & Associates

Sara Kilpatrick, Ohio Conference AAUP

Kiley Kinnard, Ohio Legislative Service Commission

Jenn Klein, Ohio Chemistry Technology Council

Beth Kowalczyk, Worthington City Council

Rebecca Krelko, Ohio Job and Family Services Directors Association

Emily Krichbaum, Remember the Ladies History Project

Katie LaPlace, Ohio Department of Transportation

Beverley Laubert, Ohio Department of Aging

Emily Leite, Ohio Credit Union League

Yvonne Lesicko, Ohio Farm Bureau

Sara Loken, Community Shelter Board

Brie Lusheck, Office of the Governor

Irene Lyons, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

Carolyn Mangas, Ohio insurance agents

Penny Martin, Ohio Development Services Agency

Stephanie Megas, Spectrum

Hannah Muzzarelli, The Success Group

Marisa Myers, Ohio Township Association

Holly Nagle, Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Marley Nelson, Office of the Ohio Public Defender

Christina O'Keeffe, Ohio Air Quality Development Authority

Xenia Palus, Me. Myself. I.

Taylor Phillips, Ohio Senate

Judy Ransom, State of Ohio

Lissette Rivera, Westfield

Lauren Rummel, Franklin County

Candace Sabers, UC Health

Bethany Sanders, Ohio Senate

Julia Satin, Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Courtney Saunders, Capitol Advocates

Catherine Scheller, Ohio Jewish Communities

Leah Sellers

Amanda Sines, Government Advantage Group

Angela Snyder, Lesic & Camper Communications

April Stevens, Ohio Development Services Agency

Kristin Sutton, Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation

Sarah Totedo, Ohio Senate

Ellen Turk, Ohio House of Representatives

Ellen Turk, Ohio House of Representatives

Mary Turocy, Ohio Civil Rights Commission

Kim Tyler, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Jessica Valsi, The Ohio State University

Georgia Verlaney, Ohio Attorney General's Office

Jaclyn Waggoner

Melissa Wheeler, Westfield

Jennifer Whitehurst, Ohio Department of Commerce

Kelsey Woolard, Ohio House Democratic Caucus

Catherine Worrell, Ohio House of Representatives

Chrisy Wright

Lisa Wurm, Disablity Rights Ohio

Amanda Wurst, Remington Road Group

Beth Wymer, Ohio Wholesale Marketers Association

Julia Wynn, Government Advantage Group

Marjorie Yano, Ohio Department of Medicaid

Jessica Yuzwa, Franklin County Office of Homeland Security

This list includes paid-members as of June 2019.