June Member of the Month


Shadia Jallaq

Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio (grew up in Grove City)

Place of Work: John Glenn College of Public Affairs at OSU

Tenure at Current Place of Work: 9 years

OWIG Involvement: member for 6 years

Coming off her incredibly successful Women Of Power fundraiser and networking reception for Ohio’s future female political leadership, Shadia is certainly a name to watch in Ohio’s women empowerment scene. She leads the newly created Programs for Ohio Women Empowered to Represent (POWER) program at OSU’s Glenn College.

With her career roots in the education field, Shadia has leaned on that passion in recent years to transition into more focused work encouraging leadership and empowerment among women. The turning point came a few years into her tenure at the Glenn College, when the NEW Leadership Program - a bipartisan residential seminar designed to address the underrepresentation of women in politics -  became at risk of being discontinued due to budget cuts. Shadia was devastated at the potential loss for young women, as she understood the life-changing and inspirational impact the program had on attendees. Consequently, she revised the entire budget and ingeniously came up with a way to restructure the program so that it could be run more efficiently. She had taken it upon herself to step out of her narrowly defined role, and thus saved the program.

Since that incredible feat, Shadia’s staunch advocacy for women’s leadership programming has been a characteristic staple of her impact. She constantly reaches out to female students at the Glenn College, encouraging them to apply for that job or internship that they may only meet 5 out of the 7 qualifications for. She tells them to practice what they dislike until it becomes routine enough to tolerate, to embrace their strengths and understand they are not “imposters.” Her advocacy reach at OSU also extends to her colleagues on staff. As the Conference Chair for the Association of Staff Faculty Women at OSU, she helps create professional development opportunities for female professors and staff. Shadia also shares her impact with local schools as a Board Member of the South-Western City Schools Educational Foundation. Serving the community Shadia grew up in, the Foundation provides scholarships and grants to graduating seniors and educators respectively to promote educational advancement.

Fortunately, it’s not likely we’ll stop hearing from Shadia any time soon. She has clearly achieved a sense of confidence in the messages she shares with fellow women - whether that’s telling her 7-year old daughter that she deserves the right to do whatever makes her happy, or touting that tried and true motto that has done so much for women’s advancement over the decades: Education is power.